Monday 24 March 2014

What You May Have Missed From MLB Games Down Under & More

It's the MLB season opener, top of the 9th, Dodgers up 3 to 1.  They announce Guerrero as a pinch hitter, the Diamondbacks change pitchers, the Dodgers change pinch hitters.  It's game one of 162 and we get ourselves a double switch on a pinch hitter.  It's easy to forget how much one measly game means in such a long season.  Thanks Don Mattingly for reminding us that every game matters.

Going into Game 2, Scott Van Slyke went from game one super sub (2-3, double, homerun & walk) to game two defensive replacement in the bottom of the 9th.  Baseball, so unfaithful.

In what had to be a missed hit and run sign in the 5th inning, Adrian Gonzalez STOLE a base as Andre Ethier took a pitch.  Gonzalez, noted as one of the slower runners in the league, advanced to third base on a poor throw that kept rolling away from Aaron Hill.

Onto other news, the Detroit Tigers have recently traded for Alex Gonzalez, Andrew Romine and even contemplated offering 46 year old Omar Vizquel a shot at the glaring hole at shortstop.  Meanwhile, Stephen Drew has reportedly reached out to the Tigers and reduced his demands to an Ervin Santana-like one year Band-Aid deal.  Good on the Tigers for not caving,  I for one will be cheering loudly for Mr. Gonzalez & Mr. Romine.

Poor Vance Worley, from 2011 third place in the NL Rookie of the Year and named one of five starting pitchers of "Baseball America" All Rookie Team to not being able to make the 2014 Minnesota Twins.  Even after elbow problems ruined his 2012, the Minnesota Twins handed him the ball in their 2013 opener.  Unfortunately, Worley never found his command and his MLB career is on hold.

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