Sunday 30 March 2014

Reaction to Game 1 Version 2 and Other Items

The most exciting part of the North American MLB opener,  Thanks to MLB on Tumbler for the GIF but a catch by a ballgirl should not be the biggest highlight. 

Then again as a fantasy baseball guy, maybe I'm just bitter cause Seth Smith and his homerun was missed by approximately 99% of fantasy players (according to Yahoo Sports anyway).

Other Items:

The negotiations about stiffening the penalties in the MLB drug policy have revealed a new wrinkle I absolutely love!!  If at anytime during the season a player serves a suspension, that player(s) would be banned from the post-season also.  Sure this only truly effects about half the teams in the league but it just might be the kick in the baseballs some players need to stay off the juice.

Feel good story out of Cleveland has to be Travis Wood.  From Tommy John surgery on May 25, 2012 to making the Indians opening day roster.  With TJ surgery becoming so commonplace, I'd better have a long list of pitchers here but there's a twist.  Indians Manager Terry Francona told him the news on the mound, during a game he was pulling him out of the game.

A fable exists that winning co-relates with crowd growth (ask the Tampa Rays).  The Pittsburgh Pirates are reporting the season ticket base has grown 40%.  So then, if the fable is true, what the hell is happening in Tampa?

"Dice-K to Vegas"  Ya know, if you're not baseball fan, that has a meaning of its own.

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