Thursday, 20 March 2014

Weird MLB Rule Explained, New Pop Flavour, Injury Thoughts and a Notso Daring Comparison

The Houston Astros offer Outfielder George Springer, the Astros' top prospect a 7 year 23 million dollar contract.  Springer declines the offer and is demoted to the minors.  Here's the real reasoning behind the demotion - - > If an uber-prospect debuts on Opening Day, he'll be a free agent in six years, presuming he remains on the big league club. However, by waiting one month, a team can push back his free agency an entire year.  Mr. Springer will be an Astro in May.

LeBron James now has is own flavor of Sprite.  My vote for a MLB player to have his own flavor of Sprite would be the Angels Mike Trout.  Somehow it's a sponsorship I don't see working!

Re-visiting the notion of "slips from grace", Hiroyuki Nakajima played his first two innings of exhibition baseball with Oakland A's recently.  Nakajima was projected to be the A's starting shortstop in 2013 after signing a two-year, $6.5 million contract before last season.  Today, Nakajima isn't even on the A's 40-man roster.  Must not drink Sprite.

Los Angeles Dodger 1B Adrian Gonzalez reportedly has a stiff lower back from walking around sightseeing.  Raise your hands if this excuse would earn you a day off of work.  Anybody?  This is exactly why some folks have a hard time respecting baseball players, suck it up buttercup!

The Miami Marlins posted a picture of Derek Dietrich and his nasty bruise after taking a baseball to the face on field. Cinncinati Red Aroldis Chapman only wishes he was that lucky.

You should be as worried about Derek Jeter’s spring training average of .132 in 41 plate appearances this spring as you are excited about Dustin Ackley's spring training average of .457 in 46 plate appearances.

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