Thursday 6 March 2014

The Grand Scheme of Life in Relation to Baseball

Frank Jobe, the doctor who "invented" Tommy John surgery,
has passed way.  Rest In Peace Mr. Jobe.
You enabled the ability to extend more MLB careers than steroids ever has or will.

Like being in caught up in the majesty that is Disneyland and catching yourself chatting away to one of the suited characters, sometimes fans forget that baseball is just a game.  I give you four very different examples of "real life" interfering with "the game".

1) Rich Hill signed this past off-season with the Boston Red Sox in large part due to a desire to be closer to his family.  His infant son, barely two months old recently passed away. 

He was recently quoted on CBS Sports website ""Excited to be here, to be playing baseball again and get back into the normalcy of my profession and to be around a great group of guys and to just take that next step,""

I sincerely hope he makes the Red Sox major league squad to help work through the pain.

2) Oscar Taveras of the St Louis Cardinals is a "can't miss" prospect.  The banana peel on the roadway to stardom?  Oscar Taveras had ankle surgery last season to end his AAA season and is, rightfully,  a little leery about going full boar to test his surgically repaired ankle.

"Physically, there is technically nothing wrong with Taveras. But he’s reluctant to let loose and go full speed. If there’s pain, it’s in his head. He’s apparently fearful of derailing his career by re-injuring the joint, and has favored the right leg while running the bases." Credit Bernie Miklasz for the observation.

At what point in Taveras recovery do the Cards appear as if they are "playing God" with the livelihood of a 22 year old?

3)  "Despite 103 RBIs, it is tough to ignore Brandon Phillips' eroding skill set as his days as an elite offensive second baseman may be numbered"  The caption underneath Anthony Castrovince report about the Cincinnati Reds "star".

Phillips, who was nearly traded to the New York Yankees during the off-season, does not feel the love and respect he feels is owed.  I do not sense a Derek Jeter-like farewell tour for Mr. Phillips in the future.

4)  Coincidence?  Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Greinke mentions he has little interest in going to Australia and now his calf injury will keep him from going? 

I'm not implying the injury is not legit but sometimes when you park at a meter and there's enough time left on it for you not to pay a toll...I hope he along with Chase Headley and Josh Hamilton are all ready for March 31/April 1.

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