Tuesday 11 March 2014

Baseball Blog Entry for the Casual Baseball Fan

Headline from MLB.com "(Grady) Sizemore passing all tests, could win starting job".  Even if you are a Yankees fan, this news from Boston should put a smile on your face.  Two years removed from the game to possible opening day Red Sox center fielder, I wonder what size Cinderella slipper Mr. Sizemore wears?

Cris Carter, the Houston Astro and MLB league leader in strikeouts last season (212), has been given some sound advice by manager Bo Porter: " Swing at more pitches he can hit, and swing at fewer he can't." My official guess for 2013, based on 145 games, 190 strikeouts.

Staying with the theme of  making an "official guess" here come two more!  1) The Miami Marlins, who stroked out 19 hits in one game versus the Mets, will require three full regular season games versus the Rockies to get 19 hits.  2) The 2013 NL West last place Colorado Rockies will finish over .500 in 2014.

C.J. Wilson of the LA Angels: “I need to learn to be more efficient. Today was a good example of that. I didn’t walk anybody, so I was popping apple-cider ginger ale in the dugout for that one.” Yup, that's making the "Words to Live By" column!  Quote provided by Alden Gonzalez blog.

Having watched the Marlins/Red Sox situation go from disrespecting each other to having one of the hottest trade rumours around, I'm waiting to see the trade rumour that comes from the "Twitter Battle" going on between the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, and Cleveland Indians mascots.

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