Saturday 15 March 2014

Right Idea's for the MLB

MLB has a rule, if the original team extends a qualifying offer to an upcoming eligible free agent, then if another team signs them during the off-season (up until the June draft) they have to give up a draft pick as compensation.  The free agents complain about how this restricts their movement...bullfritters!!  The only restriction to free agent movement is ridiculous contract demands.  People live happily on $60,000/year so don't freakin tell me you can't make it by on only a measly $9Million/year!  I'm looking at you Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales.

The owner of a Vancouver bar Score on Davie  has instituted an optional turn in your cell phone for the evening program.  The idea is simple, to bring us back to a simpler time (early 1990's) when an evening out meant talking to whomever you were spending the evening with.  I would love to see an MLB club adopt this optional program.

The San Diego Padres on Saturday March 15th are running a little contest.  The Padres will have 1000 fans take one swing for a homerun at the cavernous Petco Park.  Successful batters will win 2014 season tickets.

First, Ian Kinsler wishes his former team a winless season, now new Brewer Matt Garza expresses the following sentiment toward his former club the Chicago Cubs, ""I wish them the best but I like where I'm at, and I'm going to try to kick their teeth in every time I get a chance.""

What would you do if you were Carl Crawford: go to Australia with your LA Dodger teammates or stay home with "any day now" pregnant girlfriend?  Do the right thing Mr. Crawford, stay home!

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