Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MLB Stories: Shutter to Think, Shed a Tear, Celebrate and Ask

The Atlanta Braves have placed FIVE starting pitchers on the disabled list.  Ask yourself, how would your team look if they were in this situation?

Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio baseball rivals, not many people will deny that.  So when miscommunication was the word of the day in regards to the use of the designated hitter, you know what happened?  A great father/son moment when Indians Manager Terry Francona gave the DH start to outfielder Nick Hamilton, his father watching from radio booth.

Many teams celebrate "Cinco De Mayo".  None of them will top the Durham Bulls and their Star Wars jersey's the team will be wearing on May 4th.  Picture from the Durham Bulls Twitter account.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Club attempted a simple social media concept.  Using the Twitter hashtag #askNeal, fans could tweet a question to the star player.  The results were many targeted questions about the players past transgressions.  Imagine if you will #askARod or #askPierzynski or maybe #askBraun.

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