Wednesday 26 March 2014

MLB Nuggets - - PED Penalty Question, World Series Nifty Realization, Tigers Find, Twins Lost, Harper Mad,

The following is the reported new penalties being worked on for players using performance enhancing drugs (PED's).  A first time offense would be 100 games instead of 50 unless it was "unintentional".  A second time offense would be 162 games instead of 100, again unless it was "unintentional".  Third time is a lifetime ban which is also the current penalty. 

Here's what I find interesting, the MLB (much like the NFL) gives itself the power to be judge, jury & executioner.  Therefore they decide if the players use of PED's was "unintentional" or not.  So if a star player gets caught with a PED in their system but no major firm or pharmacy or scandal is linked to the sale of steroids to said star player, does it automatically just become "unintentional"?

Did you know that since the turn of the 2000's the New York Yankees and St Louis Cardinals are tied with 4 World Series appearances while the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants are tied with 3 World Series appearances.  Here's a nifty realization, the 2005 World Series featured the two teams who finished as the bottom two teams in the American League last season, the Chicago White Sox and the Houston Astros.

A sneaky good signing was recently made by the Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers signed JD Martinez, cast away by the Houston Astros, to a minor league deal.  Martinez big league career started strong midway 2011 but like many hitters, pitchers learn their faults therefore learning how to get them out.  A fresh start in the Tigers organization should bring him back to the .274 batting average that had fans projecting so much good fortune for Mr. Martinez.

Have to feel sorry for the Minnesota Twins.  The Twins entered training camp with arguably the first and second overall prospects in baseball in tow.  Neither Byron Buxton nor Miguel Sano were expected to get much Major League play in 2014 but to have one suffer a wrist injury threatening the start of his season AND the other one to undergo Tommy John surgery ended his season, that's just terrible luck.

Need a friendly reminder that these exhibition games are not completely meaningless?  Bryce Harper got himself worked up enough that he got ejected from a spring training game.

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