Monday, 10 March 2014

Mount Roidmore, Skidmarks, Cubans, Short Memories, Curses & Runaway Strollers MLB-Style

Barry Bonds has started his "return" to baseball.  Eric Chavez says thank you to one of the heads of Mount Roidmore. "A lot of players are outspoken about it," Chavez told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday morning. "They just forget how many riches, for lack of a better word, that all of us have enjoyed. Ownership, MLB, those guys brought baseball to a whole new level as far as popularity is concerned. That's something I'll never forget." - See more at: 

So if you are Kyle Drabek, Drew Hutchinson, Dustin McGowan or Esmil Rogers of the Toronto Blue Jays how do you not feel like a skidmark on underpants when it's widely reported that right fielder Jose Bautista, shortstop Jose Reyes and first baseman Edwin Encarnacion are actively pursuing Ervin Santana?

Coming into pre-season, the 3 Cuban names I heard a lot of: Jose Abreu of the Chicago White Sox, Alex Guerrero of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and recently signed Aledmys Diaz of the St Louis Cardinals.  Abreu likely the one to be in the starting lineup come the season opener.  That's a lot of freakin money to be sitting on bench (possibly in the minors).

I laugh every time I heard the rumour of Giancarlo Stanton being to the Red Sox.  Apparently the Marlins organization have short memories, or don't read Twitter (check front page "Sweet Tweets" to see what I'm talking about).

NY Mets 3B David Wright run the #faceofMLB contest leading into the exhibition season.  He has started 0-7 at the plate.  If Wright starts the regular season 0-7, can I coin the overdramatic phrase "Curse of faceofMLB"?

Now, I admit, sometimes when the game is on, my kids don't receive enough of my attention.  I'm very glad to report that my attention span has never faltered as badly as this parent in the funny linked video - - >

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