Tuesday 4 March 2014

Today's Check-in of the Fun Side of the MLB

Thanks to the website "Bleacher Report" for the following two great finds:

Title says it all and the words have been added to the "Words to Live By" Column on the front page.

Click the link to see the hilarious photo!

Moving over to the "MLB Fancave":
1) they posted video of Brian Wilson,
known for many things except throwing a knuckle ball,
throwing a freakin knuckle ball

2) Wondering whether or not Cincinnati Reds speed demon Billy Hamilton
can break the single game record for stolen bases.  NO, conversation over

The better discussion to have about the shiniest new toy in the stolen base ranks is whether Mr. Hamilton can break 70 stolen bases in season, a feat only accomplished 3 times in the new millennium!!  In case you are curious:  Scott Podsednik 70 in 2004, Jacoby Ellsbury 70 in 2009 and Jose Reyes 78 in 2007.

You won't remember this but the other day, I wrote about Mr Hamilton's Cincinnati Reds and their owner complaining about ticket sales growth not being where he wanted it to be.  MEANWHILE, in Cleveland, the Indians home opener sold out in 15 minutes!!

Lastly, with rumours getting stronger that Joe Saunders is signing with the Texas Rangers, I get to dust off the bobblehead I have of him.

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