Friday 4 April 2014

Random Collections of Thoughts re: April 4th in MLB

My last entry highlighted the New York Yankees, Anaheim Angels, Miami Marlins and Colorado Rockies as the teams to watch going into this weekend.  Friday night the four teams won by the average margin of a touchdown!

Masahiro Tanaka gave himself two innings to figure out the MLB then threw five solid innings to guide the Yankees to victory.  All nine starters for the Anaheim Angels collected at least a hit ensuring they did not need to rely on pitching for their victory.  The Miami Marlins have apparently all become hitting machines and led by Charlie Blackmon's 6 for 6 evening the Colorado Rockies dismantled the Arizona Diamondbacks.  I linked Blackmon to his career stats so you wouldn't have to Google him.

Official prediction, if the Arizona Diamondbacks can count their season total of wins on one hand come Jackie Robinson Day, Tuesday April 15, Kirk Gibson will be the first manager fired in 2014.  The D'Backs are currently 1-6.

Pittsburgh 12 St Louis 2.  Six months ago to the day, the Pirates beat the Cards 7-1 in Game 2 of the NLDS.  We all know how that ended.

I have heard all spring that the Los Angeles Dodgers outfield is over-crowded.  I remember reading comments from Matt Kemp saying "he is no fourth outfielder".  Why not trade Yasiel Puig?  Seriously, an upgrade at second base and someone to inherit third base from Juan Uribe is not a ridiculous trade demand for a 24 year old causing more trouble than a wolf in a chicken coop.

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