Thursday 10 April 2014

Random Collection of Thoughts re: April 10 in MLB

Does anybody play ESPN's Streak for Cash?  Were you like me and swearing up a storm when the Pittsburgh Pirates fell behind 4-0 to the Chicago Cubs?  The Bucs can't possibly lose back to back games to the Cubs could they?  The "luvable loser" Cubs sent four pitchers to the mound in the 7th inning, two of them would give up homeruns to the first batter they faced and my streak extends to 7.

Whenever one of my favorite teams opens up a 3 game series, the hope is that they take two of three.  The thought of finishing a season with a winning percentage is .667 is absurd but it helps break up the marathon that is the MLB season.  As (most) teams head into their fourth series this weekend, only 2 AL teams and 4 NL teams are producing at that clip. 

Sweeping a series is always the fans desire.  Brewers fans are full of desire as their Milwaukee Brewers just swept their second straight series ON THE ROAD. The Oakland A's also just completed a road sweep of the Minnesota Twins.  I predicted the Washington Nationals would sweep the upstart Marlins, and they did just that with another chance to do so next week on the road in Miami.

Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt extended his hitting streak to 31.  Goldy is 25 shy of tying Joe DiMaggio's record.  I have to be honest, since the Undertaker lost his streak at Wrestlemania last Sunday, I need something to get behind and believe in.  For the next week, I will chose Goldy as my MLB Beat the Streak batter.  If he loses his streak, blame Brock Lesnar!

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