Monday 21 April 2014

Collection of Random Thoughts re April 20 in the MLB

We will start with an internet high five to the two teams who accomplished sweeps this past weekend, the Oakland A's and the Miami Marlins.  The A's swept the Houston Astros, a team with a total payroll of 45 million and a fat chance to make the playoffs.  The Marlins swept the Seattle Mariners, a team that pays Robinson Cano 24 million per year and has a slim chance to make the playoffs.  Makes you realize that a slim chance and a fat chance at the playoffs really are the same.

In a world we have noses that run and feet that smell, having your team get their collective butt kicked one game is not to be taken too seriously.  The New York Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday 16-1 - - Yanks would win Sunday 5-1.  The Chicago White Sox would lose to the Texas Rangers by a combined 18-3 score from their Friday and Saturday matchups - - the Sox would win 16-2 on Sunday.  The Milwaukee Brewers would open their four game series in Pittsburgh against the Pirates with an 11-2 loss - - it would be the only game in the series the BrewCrew lost.

Speaking of the Brewers, this is how Carlos Gomez made headlines on Sunday April 20.  This is how Carlos Gomez made headlines on Wednesday September 25, 2013.  For the 2015 season, I'd like to put $20 that the Carlos Gomez induced brawl will be the final week of August.

The San Francisco Giants played two more one run games this past weekend making it 11 of their 19 games decided by only one run this season.  Both the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays have played only two one run games each thus far in 2014.  I'm accepting witty comments about beer sales because I know they are there for the sharing.

With two National League games going to 14 innings on Sunday, one of them including the New York Mets, I came across this fascinating tidbit of knowledge.  Did you know that 14 innings is the NL record for Opening Day longest game?  The record has been tied 7 times with the New York Mets being involved in the last two times it has happened.  Here is the source to the obscure find.

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