Sunday 6 April 2014

Random Collection of Thoughts re: April 6 in MLB

Coincidence or not?  Between the 2000 & 2009, the average runs scored per game never dipped below 4.5.  Over the past 5 years the fielding tactic known as "defensive shifts" has exponentially increased and during those years, the average runs per game has maxed out at 4.38, it bottomed out last season at 4.15.  Is banning "defensive shifts" what baseball needs to do to increase scoring?

Parity or mediocrity?  After Sunday only two MLB teams are on winning streaks.  The Milwaukee Brewers after sweeping the defending champion Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins after defeating the Cleveland Indians for the second consecutive game.

Every club goes into season selling their fan base hope.  After one week of play, all six teams who finished last in their division in 2013 and doing well keeping that hope (however faint) alive.  The Marlins sit in first in their division, the White Sox and Astros sit second in their division, Blue Jays and Rockies sit third in their division and the Cubs sit 4th in their division.

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