Wednesday 23 April 2014

Random Collection of Thoughts re April 21 and 22 in MLB

Monday April 21st

The average of the MLB went up drastically!  The Cleveland Indians activated 43 year old Jason Giambi from the DL AND the New York Mets called up 40 year old Bobby Abreu.

A possible nine out of ten teams who finished in the bottom third of the MLB in 2013.  Of those nine teams, only the Miami Marlins would lose.  I know it's an obscure stat but seriously, how many times will the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies each win on the same night?

On this night the Cubs and Astros both beat struggling teams. The Cubs beat the Arizona Diamondbacks on the strength of the pitchers BAT!  If ever there was a statement to sum up the D'Backs season thus far, that was it.  The Astros beating Seattle Mariners, that's ho-hum news.  The fact the Astros beat Felix Hernandez **blink blink** no words explain the surprise. 

The Mets and the Phillies blanked their respective opponents on this night, willing to bet a Canadian Beer that feat does not occur again in 2014!!

Tuesday April 22nd

Remember I told you to bet on David Price finding his groove against the Minnesota Twins.  Complete game, 12 strikeout getting his groove on win for Mr. Price.

Coming into the season most "experts" would not so boldly predict that the Colorado Rockies would be led by their offense and if/when the Rox failed it would be due to their pitching.  The Rockies currently lead the MLB in runs scored while their pitching has given up the sixth most runs in the league.  On Tuesday night, for the second time this season, the Rockies outpitched the San Francisco Giants in a pitching duel.  Going back to those "experts", many predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers to walk away with the NL West.  My prediction, if the Colorado Rockies pitching staff can improve to even just mediocre (not in the top 13 in runs allowed), the final series of the 2014 regular season is in LA against those Dodgers and could be for the division title.

Speaking of those Los Angeles Dodgers, they just dropped their second straight game to the Philadelphia Phillies.  If you take away the 7-1 record amassed versus the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers are 5-8 on the season.  I keep asking for the "real" Washington Nationals to stand up so we could learn whether they are "contenders" or "pretenders".  Maybe it's time I start asking that question to the Dodgers.

Speaking of those Washington Nationals, they go into Wednesday's game trying not to get swept by the Anaheim Angels.  Also on "sweep alert", the Oakland Athletics at the hands of the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners at the hands of the Houston Astros.  The last time the Houston Astros swept a series - - September 9-11 against a Robinson Cano-less Seattle Mariner team.

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