Saturday 26 April 2014

Random Collection of MLB Thoughts re April 25

Which 6-5 game ending was more exciting?  The walk off grand slam by Jose Abreu lifting the Chicago White Sox over the Tampa Bays 9-6 OR the bases loaded, one out, great defensive solo doubleplay by Justin Smoak to preserve a 6-5 win for the Seattle Mariners over the Texas Rangers?

The Anaheim Angels did something Friday night they did not do all of 2013.  In 2013, the Angels had 11 games where they scored 10+ runs, all of which featured at least one Mike Trout hit.  Trout went 0-4 versus the Yankees while his Angels went on to win 13-1.

The last two big name pitchers to sign during the off-season are having very different starts to their 2014 seasons.  On March 12th, the Atlanta Braves signed Ervin Santana to one year deal.  After a win Friday night versus Cincinnati, Santana improved to 3-0 on the season with a 1.95 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP.  On Feb 18th, the Baltimore Orioles signed Ubaldo Jimenez to a four year deal.  After a loss Friday night versus Kansas City, Jimenez is now 0-4 on the season with a 6.59 ERA and a 1.83 WHIP.

The MLB has opened up its All Star Voting ballots.  I figured it would be fun to fill out 3 ballots completely differently and share my votes one position at a time.  Starting with first base, my American League selections are:
  1. Miggy Cabrera - - the letters MVP gloss over numbers that may not currently lead the league
  2. Albert Pujols - - power resurgence has been fun to watch
  3. Jose Abreu - - batting average is starting to come around, his aptitude for multi HR games also

National League Selections are:
  1. Paul Goldschmidt - - without him the Arizona Diamondbacks would be completely lost
  2. Joey Votto - - the problem with on-line ballot voting is that it allows for "ballot box stuffing", being Canadian, Mr. Votto always gets my first.
  3. Justin Morneau - - see "Joey Votto", at least this season Morneau is "earning" the vote  

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