Saturday 12 April 2014

Random Collection of Thoughts re April 12 in the MLB

Instant replay rules need limits! 
In today's Red Sox/Yankees game, karma itself is trying to tell the MLB to keep the reviews to homeruns, home plate calls and diving catches in the outfield.  The MLB has already released their statement saying the umpires should have overturned the call on the field when Dean Anna sliding into second had his foot leave the bag momentarily while the Red Sox shortstop held a tag on him.   How long before they start reviewing throws over to first base too?  All the other leagues have limits with their replays, the NFL doesn't review every pass interference call (those yards are just as important as an extra base in baseball), the NHL doesn't review every goal (they learned their lesson the hard way with this Stanley Cup winning goal which during the regular season would have been disallowed), etcetera etcetra.  As much as the MLB is trying its best to remove the human element from decisions being made in-game STOP IT! 

Being from Alberta, the highest level of baseball is the Western Major Baseball League.  Here's some love to two "graduates" off to a good start in 2014.  Cleveland Indians relief pitcher John Axford pitched a perfect inning today dropping his ERA to 1.69 in 6 appearances this season.  Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Jim Henderson kept his ERA at 0.00 today despite giving up two hits which doubled the amount of hits he had giving up in his previous 5 outings.

Two teams losing the pennant in April, the Kansas City Royals and the Cincinnati Reds.

Being outscored 17-2 in two games against the Minnesota Twins is not changing my mind about the Detroit Tigers winning the AL Central but is making me wonder about the Royals earning the wildcard spot.  Meanwhile in Cincy, the Reds need to win on Sunday to avoid a sweep.  If they avoid the sweep, it will be the fourth consecutive series the Reds have lost 2-1.  Last I checked, a .333 winning percentage will not get you into the playoffs.

After Brock Lesnar'ing Paul Goldschmidt's on base streak with a simple mention in this blog, let's see if I can "Brock Lesnar" the Milwaukee Brewers 8 game winning streak going into Sunday's matinee with the Pirates. 

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