Monday 7 April 2014

Random Collection of Ideas re: April 7 in MLB

According to an article from ESPN's Buster Olney, a MLB executive is floating the idea of 7 inning games instead of 9.  Here's a link to the free part of the article.  While we are it, lets make hockey three 15 minute periods instead of 20 minutes and condense the NBA into three quarters instead of four quarters.  Dear Mr. MLB Exec, if you want to protect the athletes like your starting pitchers, vote to cut 62 games off of the schedule, that translates to approximately 12 less starts.  Oh wait, that would dip into your bottom line wouldn't it?  I'm sure if the games were reduced 22% to seven innings, ticket prices would be reduced 22%, right?  My idea to ban defensive shifts doesn't seem so absurd anymore does it?

Texas Ranger Prince Fielder went 0-4 tonight dropping his average to .143.  This batting average will double by season's end.  J.P. Arencibia went 0-3 tonight dropping his average .125.  This batting average will NOT double by season's end.

With today's loss to the Anaheim Angels, the Houston Astros drop under .500 by one game.  Official prediction, the Astros will not reach the .500 mark again this season.  Guess I'm cheering quite hard for the Toronto Blue Jays Tuesday night.

Speaking of the Angels, they fly to Seattle Tuesday to face James Paxton for the second time in a week.  In college baseball, the third time round the order is usually the most nerve wracking as the batters now have seen most of what the pitcher has to offer.  This is the first time in Paxton's 6 six start career that he is facing a team for the second time. Paxton shut the Angels out over seven inning facing everybody minus the bottom of the order three times.  Smells like boom or bust for the Halo's.

Kansas City Royal starting pitcher Jason Vargas has pitched 15 total innings in his two starts this season giving up only two runs.  Both runs coming against him were solo homeruns by second baseman (Detriot's Ian Kinsler and Tampa's Ben Zobrist).  Vargas' next scheduled start is against the Minnesota Twins, so if you play fantasy baseball, Brian Dozier is a must have on your roster this weekend.

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