Friday 21 February 2014

Scuffs on the Baseball

 The "Sweet Tweet" column now includes a tweet from Rawlings Sports promoting their gloves but the attention grabber is the shirt worn by Washington Nationals Outfielder Bryce Fielder - - > "PED FREE"

The original tweet was retweeted by "Bleacher Report" where I would find another gem - - Blue Jays Closer Casey Janssen Pulls off Perfect Proposal After Going Skydiving  Bleacher Report writer Kyle Newport just gained a fan.

Speaking of gaining fans, Kansas City Royals Rookie Pitcher Kyle Zimmer has already been taught the words "old guys", won't win him any fans.  The video is more funny than the story but it won't let me send you directly to video.

Staying with the KC Royals, they along with the Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres, are the only MLB teams to not have their "MLBlog"-ger on the front page of their website.  Just something I noticed as I went through the teams sites looking for some inside information from almost 3000 KM away.

The two most interesting finds from the "MLBlog"-ers came from Seattle's "Mariners Musings by Greg Johns."  The question to new M's skip was regarding Dustin Ackley playing centerfield. 
"“I doubt it. He’ll probably be in left field the majority of time.”
Why is he best suited for left field?
“Because that’s where I want him,” said McClendon."

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