Monday 24 February 2014

Baseball is NOT Boring

This will not be a blog bashing other sports or romanticizing baseball.

Baseball season is too long, much like the NBA and NHL.  CFL/NFL and NLL have it right, about 20 weeks averaging a game week, games are events.

I mention the National Lacrosse League based on my suggestion that Lacrosse is the most exciting of the all the sports. Sadly, if the casual fan has trouble following a puck in hockey, they don't stand a chance following the ball in a lacrosse game.

Baseball is easy to watch, ironically that's the biggest fault of the sport.  The sport is so easy to watch you forget that the pitcher is throwing the ball as fast as a speeding vehicle!  A casual fan overlooks the fact the batter only mere seconds to decide whether to swing or not.  Fielding the ball, whether it be a grounder or a fly ball, has become so high percentage that fans tend to turn to their company and use that "B" word - - sports execution at it's best does become boring.

I'm a fan of the NBA but I'm the first person to tell a "newbie" to the NBA to wait until the 4th quarter to start their new experience.  You can't just simply tell a "newbie" to the MLB to watch the last two innings of a ball game.

The one unpredictable aspect to baseball is when the fist pumps and face palms will happen.  Fist pumps and face palms happen many times throughout a game but yes, sometimes you have to sit through multiple foul ball counts or multiple throws over to first to check on the runner.

I admit, watching a batter adjust himself between every pitch does not have the sports appeal of hearing a quarterback bark out his cadence at the line of scrimmage.  I will also testify that a baseball hit into play brings me up closer to the edge of my seat than seeing a quarterback throw a short pass.


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