Monday 17 February 2014

Stories That Deserve More Attention Volume 1

It is Family Day in Edmonton, Alberta.  The night before the holiday, with the kids tucked into bed, I scour threw MLB team news stories searching for stories that personify "Family". 

Baseball Family Story One

From the "San Jose Mercury News", Pablo Sandoval (aka Kung Fu Panda) has once again trimmed down significantly for the upcoming season.  Sandoval says encouraging words from teammates Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Marco Scutaro and Matt Cain helped him set his goals on becoming healthier.
Baseball Family Story Two

The Washington Nationals young pitching staff may be a nightmare to hit against but the "Washington Post" reports that "They have attended each other’s weddings...  They have celebrated each other’s awards and raises. They have supported each other through failures and demotions. As they have helped transform the Nationals, they have grown up together."

Baseball Family Story Three

As the Chicago White Sox usher in the Jose Abreu era at first base, the question becomes what about Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn?  "CSN Chicago" answered that question with the following excerpt "The White Sox said Konerko would appear as the team’s designated hitter against select left-handed pitching and be one of Ventura’s options off the bench. Even knowing he wouldn’t be an everyday player, Konerko reached out to Dunn before he made his decision to make sure the two are on the same page."

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